need help with Mocha in Hitfilm 2017

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here is my mission. I need to learn how to do this in Mocha. see attached

1. track the lav mic in the video, Layer 1

2a. grab a still from the video

2b. photoshop out the mic

2c. add the photoshop file to layer 2,  mask only whats needed to cover the mic

3.  add the layer 1 video to layer 3, animate a mask around the finger as it passes over the lav mic.

any help would be appreciated. thanks.        


  • Palacono
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    This will get you part of the way, as you don't have Pro and the remove option. You need to track it anyway and use the Tracking info to add a section with no mic.

    Simon did something like that in the Iron Man Boots Tutorial below this one.

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