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    Well, Intel has already lowered prices on some of its own processors... clearly Intel believes that Ryzen will be competitive in terms of performance.

    Let's see what's in store with Coffee Lake... but I suspect that NVidia will end up stealing the thunder from both Ryzen and Coffee Lake when it launches Volta. :)


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    Intel can't lower prices that much to be able to compete with this. They would have to reach the i3 territory with their Quads to stay competetive. Now a problem with that is they can't just go down to the 100 dollar mark, they have to go down to 100 or lower because they have already released a Pentium at 60 dollars with i3 specs.

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    I realise this is a pretty old thread, but today I thought I'd try an export on my Ryzen 7 1700 to see how it goes - I'm seeing mostly between 20% and 70% CPU usage on all 16 threads, and only ~5% usage on my GTX 1060. Hopefully they can sort this out, as this kind of workload is part of why I chose Ryzen in the first place . Rendering at 720p60 with level of 5.1 to MP4 in HitFilm Express 2017 v5.0.7012.

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    @barnstorm3r This is because of the design of HitFilm. Sending each frame to the GPU and then reading it back is expensive and during those operations both the CPU and the GPU are "waiting" for some more work. Now to render some intensive effects, rendering on the GPU makes perfect sense because this is what GPUs are designed for.

    Have a look at this post for more details:

    This is not to say that HitFilm performance couldn't be improved (it definitely can), but it is often not as easy as it seems...

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