Problem with keyframing of scale and position.

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Greetings HF users,

I am trying (without success so far) to key frame the scale and position of a video my daughter took at Disney. The idea is to go in close (scale) at the beginning and center the person (position). Then as they walk a few steps, gradually pull back out (scale) and keep them centered (position) at the same time. I was going to try this in just the editor, but got nowhere. Tried in a comp layer but even though I can see the key frames, it did not do anything. I am sure I have missed something as I am pretty new at this, but I watched a lot of tutorials and thought I had some insight. But, noooooooooooooooo, it won't work. I am seeking wisdom from the great gurus here in the forum. I am using HF 2017 full version.

Thanks very much.


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    @DataDesign  I just tried this in 2017 and here's what I did (There may be better ways though)  I created a comp shot (Keyframing isn't possible in Editor, I think) imported a video clip.  Set it to 3D then used the control to move the position on Z so that brings the clip forward then I used the arrows to center the image where I wanted.  I then clicked on the position keyframe circle to turn it blue with the position in the timeline at 0  then I moved the slider thing forward to the selected time to end the move then moved the Z position back as far as I wanted it to go and adjusted the arrow to keep the subject centered.

    I am not one of the gurus here and I am practically positive there are multiple ways to do what you want, so they will undoubtedly be able to tell you a better way.

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    You need to make a comp of the clip first, then go to transform and set the position and scale remembering to click on the circle to set a keyframe. Move the cursor to where you want the change to finish, re-position with scale and position and a keyframe will be automaticaly placed. Hope that helps, abit garbled I'm afraid.

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    @DataDesign This is a really quick and basic example, but here is what you want to do in a nutshell...

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    If the person is moving in the video and he wants them to remain centered at all times, then he'll need to set a position keyframe with them in the centre while zoomed in, then after x seconds, another one with them still zoomed in but also in the centre (assuming they moved and he's semi-tracking them) then to start the zoom out and set another position keyframe placing them in the centre at the end of the zoom back - assuming their movement is fairly constant over the zoom out.

    So it goes. Zoom and centre, move position to follow them, zoom out to new centre position.

    If they're not actually in the centre of the actual video frame at the end, you won't be able to zoom all the way out or one or more empty edges will be revealed.

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    @tddavis, @mandokeith, @hitfilmsensei, @palacono ----

    Thank you all for your help. I have been unable (read: procrastinating) to get back to this project, but will soon.

    Thanks again!

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