See this link -- how do I do this in Hitfilm?

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Hi everyone!

Have a look at a nice piece of motion graphic work:

Can this be done in Hitfilm Express?

If not, what add-ons are needed?






  • chriguf
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    animation in 3d are only possible with 3d tools like blender (Free), cinema4d (a lot of money) fusion8 (free and pay)...

    hitfilm is only for composing and editing

  • Triem23
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    @Chriguf I think the OP is talking about the intro animation, and all of that is certainly possible in Hitfilm Express.

    (I also note that Hitfilm PRO can import and animate 3D models)

    Davlon, I'm not an expert in this type of Motion Graphics work, but, basically you'll either need to use an external photo editor to prepare your graphic elements (hands, gears, etc) then bring them into Hitfilm for animation. After that, it's a lot of layer, a lot of keyframes and a lot of skill.

    Text elements can be created directly in Hitfilm, but, to animate things like individual letters, you'll have to create an animate each individual letter separately. Again, a lot of layers, keyframes and skill.

    The moving line and box elements can be created in Hitfilm with combinations of small or masked planes, as well as effects like Lightning (turn twitch down to zero, turn branches down to 0 and turn off glows and lightning is great for animated lines).

    This recent tutorial by AGArtsCo is about Keyframe interpolation in Hitfilm, but the link starts at a part of the video where he's showing off some of his Hitfilm MoGraph.

    Basically, I'm showing off some of what Hitfilm can do.

    You should look at his channel for some inspiration as well as a couple of tutorials, including a fantastic one on creating graphic elements for mograph.

  • chriguf
    chriguf Website User Posts: 287 Just Starting Out

    ah, i missunderstand... only the intro, jes its possible to make it on express, but its hard and long work with good pre-"planing"

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