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I am new to Hitfilm and wanted to animate a traveled route on a map just by using a moving arrow. (How) Is this possible ?

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    @Geoallrounder  Did you want to have the classic old movie look where the line from the arrow point stays locked at the start point and grows toward the destination or just move an arrow from point A to point B.  In the second case, all you need to do is create your arrow in a photo editing program and save it with a transparent background as a PNG.  You import that into Hitfilm as a separate layer and place it above your map layer in a composite shot and then keyframe it's position start and end points.  To do the other will require some finesse with masking.  You can create you arrow line as a similar PNG in it's entirety from start to finish then hide it with a mask.  Take a copy of the arrow head and a bit of the line behind it as a separate layer and place above the layer with the mask and position that arrow head at a point near the edge of the mask and animate as before but also animate the mask to reveal the line underneath as it moves along so it appears that it is growing along the route.  Very complicated, I know.  Hope this helps you along. PS: Some of the Pros probably know a better way, but this is how I would tackle it not knowing any better.

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    Look an arrow would swing around and just look awkward  like a cartoon so no matter how neat it looks it will look bad. So use a dot or something generic.

     In your graphic editor draw the route with an alpha channel then in hitfilm set a mask with your pen tool and then move the mask from a to b and rest the points

    Here is a tutorial in Vegas the principle in hitfilm is the same.

    Then add your dot and set a path the same way,  if your dot misses the path add car tire screeches  or work more accurately, personally the more tire screeches the better and a lot more fun to do.

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    Look at 26 seconds into this video and see if that meets your desire.


    you can do this with two exact copies of the map. One has the line the other  does not. I just used a moving mask to expose the route.

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    @CowboyBob  Great idea.  Underlay instead of overlays!  I knew I was probably going at the a more difficult way.  

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