Letter to the community - Time is precious

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Dear Hitfilm users, VFX creators and general guests to this forum,

as some of you will know my presence here has been pretty constant for the last couple of years. My own knowledge of VFX has ballooned from basic green screen to stacking layers and grades, particle simulation and all sorts of cool effects and yes I am still learning. In fact I feel way behind some of the users on here. Anyway to the heart of my communication. I wanted to share the challenges of being a VFX hobbyist. I am in my 40’s married with a young family, and frankly using Hitfilm and learning and creating the odd little short or vfx test is my way of relaxing and escaping the day job and for the last two years. I have been living a secret life doing this cool thing in my loft (computer room), my wife having no clue what I am up to (she thinks I’m gaming, another passion that gets very little look in these days) or doing something that does not get the DIY any closer to completion. Dare I suggest it but I am having an affair with Hitfilm, in love with a sexy bit of software that allows me to create my hearts desires (well almost). I guess what I am saying is as much as I love this right now it’s a hobby that I am passionate about, but the fruits of which are for self pleasure only (oh err). I don’t make any money at this, and frankly I am not sure a change in career is realistic any time soon. So my Hitfilm community I will continue to dabble, push out the odd bit of something, but time is precious and so I have to balance it carefully. If only I was 25 again with all that uncommitted free time, but alas I spent way to many hours playing EverQuest II or Half Life or dancing to some dodgy 90’s music down the local night club, grab that time if you can Hitfilmers once it’s gone its very very tricky to get it back.

Yours VFX’ly



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    I'll add to what Andy says here, for all you young whippersnappers. ;-)

    If you're one of our pre/early teen users (I have a couple of you in mind), seriously, enjoy the time you have to create. This goes for you late teen/college age users. For VFX/animation work you've only got managing your time to worry about. If you're trying to make a skit or a film, it's going to get harder and harder to get a cast and crew together, unless you're really, truly part of a production company. There's a reason so many of the best known Youtube Filmmakers are in their mid-to-late 20's. They started in high school/college, formed the working relationships that now have, and kept going. Currently, mostly not having to worry about kids, for example.

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    I totally agree. I have a job that I love, but I still enjoy my time playing with the software. I have found ways to marry the two, and that has been really cool. In fact, my real career was the reason I had to get into the Hitfilm software in the first place.

    It is very important to spend / invest your time wisely... at any age. Too many people spend too much of their time doing things they hate to be doing or wasting their time on things that a frivolous or meaningless. Enjoy your life as much as you can, and at the same time, accomplish what you were put on the Earth to accomplish.

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    Good advice, thanks for sharing.

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    It's never too late to start learning VFX, we have the internet if you want to get hold of someone. :)

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    Case in point tonight 2 kids ill , wife ill, all Eve sorting and caring, bed now incase night is bad, which it probably will be

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    Hang in there, brudda!

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    Hang tough, @Andy001z . I feel for you and know of what you speak. Oh, and CNA help is like $15 an hour, worth it for you to be able to get some sleep when family is sick.  Just a thought.

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    O yes hitfilm is like a Giant mouse trap bigger than our tunnel vision, all we see are the particle and VFX cheese.  Nibble ……nib…..ble…ni.. BANG. Why couldn’t we rather have fallen victim to a mindless video game like all the rest of the normal people out there.

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    @Rorycooper do I detect some sarcasim! :)

    I don't regret my gaming time (ok well maybe some of the marathon sessions) I did more than just game (Canoer, Climber, socialiser) but my gaming gave me an escapism, much I guess like my time in Hitfilm. To create something new and exciting to see those results come to life.

    As @Triem23 said some of the big youtubers like say Corridor Digital started small messing about with a camera and visual effects and after A LOT of hard work and hours they are where they are today. Did I have that passion when I was at school leaver age, no, I dabbled but I was much more into general computing and coding and that whole art of creation in software (not that I was any good).

    So I will plod on, snatching moments here and there, and learning what I can and gi ving what I can to the Hitfilm community.

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    I keep running into stuff that inspires me here... especially on the VFX side of things. Right now I'm struggling to turn my love of filmmaking into a career; it's heading steadily in the right direction, but it's a slow transition to going independent. 

    It will be worth it when I get there, in spite of the stress... so that I'll be able to focus on making movies, and start getting my VFX chops up to snuff. Right now, I'm mainly using HitFilm for editing and color grading, but I'm working on learning enough VFX to start using its other features... hopefully on some upcoming sci fi and/or horror films... :)