So... Vegas Pro Edit/HitFilm Express integration? Hmmm?

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So I've been wondering about the linking capabilities between HitFilm Express and Vegas Pro Edit. I downloaded the Vegas trial, but I'm not sure if I downloaded the "Edit" version of the software trial specifically. Because when I boot it up, it just says "Vegas Pro 14" instead of Vegas "Edit." 

I keep trying to download the trial for the edit version, but it doesn't appear that the site will let me do that haha. Unless I really am using the Edit version and I just don't realize it.

My question though is this: Does anyone have any knowledge as to whether or not the linking feature will work between Vegas EDIT and HitFilm Express? If it helps, the demo I used links to Express perfectly :)



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    I'm pretty sure that the actual "Vegas" part of the software is the same, and the more expensive versions just have extra software and plug-ins bundled with Vegas. (Hence your trial version doesn't say "Edit" specifically...)  So I imagine that the HitFilm linking is the same with "Vegas Pro Edit" as with the more expensive "Vegas Pro"... because it's the same software.

    Having said that, I don't personally own "Vegas Pro 14 Edit", so I could be wrong.

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    @JMcAllister is correct "Vegas Edit" is the core Vegas Pro software. "Vegas Pro" is the same edit software as "Vegas Edit" with DVD Architect, a "Lite" edition of an old version of NewBlue Titler Pro,  and ProDad Metcalli bundled. "Vegas Pro Suite" is everything in "Vegas Pro" along with some BCC units and a full edition of an old version of NewBlue Titler Pro bundled as well. 

    If the demo you are using links to Express, then the full version should as well. In fact, the demo IS the full version, time locked, so, purchasing the software means you'll just enter the activation key to your current installation. 

    Magix has named the bundles in a confusing manner, since all three editions are the "Vegas Pro"  software. Better naming would have been "Vegas Pro Core" or "Vegas Pro Essentials," (since it's just the Vegas Pro software) with the center bundle being "Vegas Pro Studio" (because it adds DVD Architect for Blu-Ray/DVD production), and leaving the top bundle as "Vegas Pro Suite."

    But I don't work for Magix and they didn't ask me... 

    Incidentally, if you can stretch your budget, the "Vegas Pro" bundle may be worth the extra money. Mercalli is a warp stabilization plug-in that normally retails for $180, so the extra $200 for that bundle gets you Mercalli, plus DVD Architect (which you might not need) and a version of NewBlue Titler Pro which can do far more advanced text animation than either Hitfilm or Vegas. 

    Or, since this is a Hitfilm forum, that $200 might be better put away for a future upgrade to Hitfilm Pro, which ships with a bunch of plug-ins that will run in Vegas, as well as the BCC 3D Objects unit for Hitfilm, which gives you very advanced text animation... Not to mention all the Pro exclusive Hitfilm functionality, and Mocha. 

    FWIW I use Vegas alongside Hitfilm. Vegas's editing features are better than Hitfilm's, Hitfilm's VFX features are far superior to Vegas's, and the linking between the two is very powerful. It's a great combination of tools. 

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    I'm currently trying to replace all of my adobe products and it looks like Vegas is the way to go since I want HitFilm to be my main compositer. I used to cut on Vegas when I first got into editing, then transitioned to Premiere, and looks like I'm going back again. Just wanted to know if Edit was worth buying because there's a sale going on right now and today's the last day haha. Might get Pro in that case and save up for a new computer, and THEN HitFilm 2017. That Affinity Photo app looks pretty awesome as well... 

    Thanks again for the swift responses guys and it looks like I'll be hanging around these forums a lot more, which is good for me cuz everyone here gives off this sense of unity I've yet to find in any other forum :)



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    ^^I meant to say "thanks" at the start of my response but it didn't go through for some reason... so again, thanks guys!

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