Hesitation Editing 1080P Videos (RESOLVED)

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Howdy Guys, hopefully this is the correct place for this. 

First off, I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff.  I've been using Hitfilm 4 Express to edit little clips to share with friends and such, and at 640 and 720 it edits them well other than some choppiness for the first couple seconds after dragging the timeline slider.  However, when editing 1080 it's fairly choppy even without any effects, and just a single track.  Changing the playback quality to quarter/half/full/antialiased doesn't make much difference, though full/antialiased seems to play back the smoothest.  I was running a GT 630, but read that hitfilm was GPU intensive and that Nvidia ruled the openGL world so I picked up an old GTX 660.

The specs for my current rig are:

CPU: AMD A8 6600K OC'ed @ 4.7Ghz


Here's a link to the rest of the build and they're benchmarks: http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/2862592

Here's a video I made showing the chopiness, it may be slightly worse while recording the screen, but not by much if any.


And here's a datalog I recorded while making that video.



If there is some other data you'd like, let me know, on the begining of the above video, it shows HWmonitor which displays all the things I datalogged.

It would appear the GPU is barely idling, while the CPU is ranging between 60-70% usage on all the cores.  Typically it does run between 55-65% while not recording the screen.  I wouldn't be suprised if I'm limited by the CPU, but I don't know why it would only be showing 60% usage.

Here is the video format I'm editing.

And the Audio

Would you guys consider this normal?  Is there something I can do to help improve the playback quality in hitfilm?  I've read about converting the file formats, but I'm hoping not to mess with that as it would take quite a while to convert the 10GB of video file every time.

Thanks a bunch guys!  Any question just ask!


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    Hitfilm is slower than most other editors in basic timeline playback. This function is primarily CPU bound. Video decode. A faster CPU or a lower overhead video file helps. 

    I see your file is a Quicktime AVC file. See this thread for some information that should improve your performance with the existing file. Executive summary. The Quicktime AVC decoder sucks.


    Beyond that there is the transcode thread for all info regarding transcoding to lower overhead formats.


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     Thank you much!  I changed the file type to MP4 and it's sailing through the footage no problem!  

    Max CPU usage went down to 40-45% and I was able to play at 400% speed fluently!  Though the CPU usage does go up to about 90%, but hey, that's what I've got this thing OC'd for. haha

    Thank you again!

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    Well, switching the file type to MP4 helped a bunch, but when trying to overlay 2 shots of 1080p, it still wasn't awesome, re-encoding it to DNxHD helped, but still wasn't awesome.  So the final fix was to just pick up an old FX8320.  This thing sails through the video now, I don't re-encode it either, just rename it to mp4 and it will do 4 tracks of 1080p no problem.  I've got it OC'ed to 4.2Ghz but dropped the voltage to 1.28 and it's surprisingly cool.  So thanks again for your help!  I'm glad I explored the other options before just plunking in a new/used CPU.

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