FEATURE REQUEST: Timeline joined audio/video

gaberilde Website User Posts: 5

the audio/video is currently separate as a result when you import 2 videos or more at once you will get this result in the timeline: Audio,audio,video,video but i cannot work with this i work with this: Audio,video ,audio ,video (or video before audio) so can you please make a setting to join them together it is also really annoying because audio and video both have separate scrolling when i think they should have one for both now people who like the current one better make a setting so you can change it! and no you cannot drag the audio and video around to join them it dosent let you do that!


  • PaulCarmody
    PaulCarmody Website User Posts: 1



    Loving hit film but I have a workflow suggestion...

    In the composite view where all the objects go, can you consider adding folders? I often have so many objects in there that it is really annoying trying to locate items.  For example, I am working on a forest scene and I have a forest background, 3d trees, lights etc,  Then I have a building with associated lights.  I also I have a star field with lights etc.  I spend a lot of time scrolling up and down the list no matter how well I name them.  I know I can save them as composites but even that starts to get confusing.  I use Digital Audio software that does uses folders (Cubase) and it makes life heaps easier to group items logically so I can ignore them until I need to focus on them.

    Thanks for your consideration of this, and thanks to for the awesome software!!


  • Triem23
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    @gaberilde @PaulCarmody good suggestions. I suggest adding them to the dev-moderated Wishlist as well. That thread is regularly checked and logged. 


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