Game of thrones opening


I am currently serving in the US Army.   I have served for close to 10 years.  In that time, I developed injuries from the training I have pushed through.  The injuries interfere with executing a "lead from the front" mentality; thus requiring separation and I have begun the transition process into civilian life.  I am excited for what the future holds; however, I still have concerns about exiting the military.  The stress of transitioning and the recent suicide of a Soldier who I worked with, has been consuming.   

The reason why I am writing to you, is I am charged with creating a video of photos from the different training events we have conducted over the past quarter.  I can make a simple photo slideshow and did that last quarter; however, my time serving in the military is coming to an end, and wanted to go out with something sexy.   We have conducted training all over the United States and I am trying to create The Game of Thrones intro look/feel.   I am envisioning that map would contain the different area names of where we conducted training.  After the different buildings layers compete, photos would start to appear.  After all the photos have been shown from that area the video path would move to the next area until Complete.

 I require the assistance with creating this video and I hope that the you could help me complete this.  The suspense is short and I am required to have a video completed by 28 February.  I would greatly appreciate any assistance. 

 Thank you

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