Audio Blips on clip out/in point (I think) when EQ is added) (Resolved)

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I had to restart a project last week as it refused to render out and there didn't seem to be anything for it but to bite the bullet and restart.

This time round I avoided the Cineform route as that seems to cause my system problems.

Here's what I did:

1) Transferred clips from camera to hard drive (separate internal fast hard drive used only for video)

2) Audio Merge in Hitfilm failed on 5 out of the 14 clips I had, so instead I used Plural Eyes, which synchronised the audio from a Zoom H1 with my Canon EOS 6D footage (in all but one case)

3) Imported the clips into Hitfilm. The clips are 1080, but I chose to create a 720 timeline so that I could reframe the clips to suit.

Just to explain, the 14 clips I have are all around 6 minutes long. They are (mostly) the same 6 min script filmed from different angles. Wide. Over shoulder. And so on. There are two clips that are pick-up shots, close up of keys being turned and so on.

4) I then began editing the clips I would send one to the Trim window, define the in and out point, then place it on the timeline. This went on as I decided which version of which line was the ones I wanted to use (hope this is clear).

5) I then placed a PNG overlay on an upper track that created the letter boxing I wanted (and a rule of thirds PNG above that). Then I could go through each clip and reframe to thirds, borders, my personal liking.

6) I then added an EQ, set it to +12, then copied and pasted that setting to all clips (about 50 on the timeline). I then went through each clip and where I saw peaking in the red, manually inserted key frames to adjust the blow outs, or brought the EQ down a bit.

7) So far so good. I then did some colour correction and called that the 1st draft of the project.

8) Rendered this out, but on play back, there is an audio blip when the view point changes (ie when one clip finishes and then next starts). I rerendered, and the blips moved to other places. I tried just creating an audio out, but the blips are on there too.

Just to mention, at each stage I did a test render to see if anything was broken. If it rendered okay, I did a save as an renamed it Project-1A and then 1B and so on.

So, I will step back, re-render before the EQ or colour correction goes on to see if it makes a difference.

My system is:

H87-g41 mainboard Chipset: Intel H87 (I am using on board sound)

32gb  Ram

GTX 650 Ti

SDD system drive C:

SDD render Drive R:

HDD video drive V:

All Drivers are, far as I know, up to date.

 So, what's going on? Any ideas? I will report back with the renders from previous versions.


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