Tutorial for a circling light?

in my project, I tried to do something like seen in this video (2D image/video being circled by light):
I have a logo image that's 2D and want it to be circled by a light. In my 3D composite the light seems to take a path around the logo. However, it either sits in front of or in the back of the logo, depending on where the logo layer is stacked in relation to the light layer.
In other words, it doesn't work as desired. Is there a tutorial that covers this?


  • SimonKJones
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    We don't have a specific tutorial on this. There are a few things to immediately check, though:
    - Is your logo set to be a 3D layer? An image will be default be 2D.
    - Are there are 2D layers in-between the light and the logo layers on the timeline? If a 2D layer is between 3D layers, it'll split those 3D layers into separate render passes, meaning they can't go around each other (this is deliberate and sometimes very useful, but can catch you out sometimes).
    - Are you sure the light effect is rotating around in proper 3D space correctly? How are you making the light effect?
  • gNNY
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    upon closer inspection I found that my problem is the light or star part of the animation.
    I have a logo sitting in the middle and the idea is that a star comes from the top left back, circles around and in front of the logo and swings back to where it came from. The comet's tail I created using a partical system and that part is going the logo just fine now.
    However, for the star/comet itself I wanted to use a light flare. And that stays on its own plane and doesn't go around the logo in 3D space.
    So I guess my question is: how would you make the bright front tip of the light effect that goes around the person in above video?
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Since Light flares are a 2D effect, you would need to use two copies of the effect, one positioned behind the logo, and the other in front of it.  Then do some tricky switching from one to the other at strategic points to create the illusion of it orbiting the logo.  But I'd just use another Particle Effect, or a Gunfire effect, to create a proper 3D light flare, so you could use the same orbiting rig you set up for your current particles.  As long as it is the brightest point in the frame, you could then easily add a lens flare to it using the Auto Light Flare effect.
  • gNNY
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    Gunfire pointed me in the right direction. I know have something that looks like what I want, thanks.