gratuitous effects riot

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Well, I'm trying to learn as much as possible about HitFilm, but there's a problem. I'm a simpleton. I like simple, no frills imagery and storytelling. I eschew gratuitous fru-fru. In my usual videos, I don't have a use for many of the effects available in HitFilm... or do I? When you get right down to it, I'll never know if these features are useful to me if I don't learn how to use them. So, here's a really silly YouTube response video which gives me a convenient format to practice greenscreening, keyframing, wild effects, and various editing tricks. The actual content is secondary.


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    So... Ten answers to six questions and some repeats? 

  • mistergarthmistergarth Website User Posts: 26 Just Starting Out

    Theoretically, it's ten questions, ten answers, an introduction, and a title sequence. As a practical matter, however, a few of the questions are redundant re-phrasings of the same question and a few of the answers are short. But it's 22 shots, most of them are composite shots incorporating multiple clips and images.

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