Editing Clips: Reference Manual Info Update?

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Could someone please update the reference section on all the Editing tools: Slip, Roll, Ripple etc., as there is a lot of functionality hidden in them that's just not mentioned.

Various combinations of SHIFT, CTRL and ALT with the various tools can duplicate clip, create gaps, insert clips from elsewhere on the timeline where there are no gaps and some other interesting stuff. Occasionally confusing, but mostly useful. ;)

BTW, is it a strictly necessarily restriction to not being able to change the length of a transition unless in 'Selection Tool (v)' mode?
You can still put the transition on a clip, you just can't alter it while in one of the other modes. 


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     Are you talking about the Express docs or the Pro 2017 docs. The 2017 docs are significantly expanded. When Express gets updated I assume that Express will get the new docs at that point.

    That said, I notice that Ctrl+selection tool is not documented for a NLE clip move. It creates and moves a duplicate of the clip.


  • Palacono
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    edited February 2017

    Well, it was using the HF4 reference, but I just looked at the 2017 one and it looks about the same and only partly mentions what you can do.

    No mention of what SHIFT-Selection, SHIFT-Roll Edit or SHIFT-Ripple Edit do to a clip next to another one; which makes a gap the same size as the clip you just moved, which you can move back, then CRTL-Roll or CTRL-Ripple to Duplicate it into the gap. Basically allowing you to repeat a clip in a few clicks. Alternatively you can use either to insert a track from another layer anywhere. Either at the beginning of a clip or in the middle of it, when it will slice it, make a gap and insert the new clip. Much like when dropping things in from the Trimmer, which it only partly covers like this:

    "By holding the Shift key you can instead perform an insert edit. The moved clip slices the existing clips at the in point, then moves all the affected clips to the right to make room."

    SHIFT-, CTRL- and ALT-Slide all work the same way, CTRL- and ALT- Roll, Ripple and Selection work the same way, which is different from SHIFT, as mentioned above.

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    @AxelWilkinson  is our Reference Manual tzar :)

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    Regarding the Editing tools manual, we did notice it for HFP2017 update 2 but Axel didn't have enough time I think.