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Working with hitfilm is great fun and very easy to learn, with a few clicks you are able to achieve an awesome end result. However, there are a few things I've run into and just want to get off my chest as they are much better suited here than in my hitfilm_bugs.txt ...

1.) Exporting overrides monetization settings and sets videos to not monetized. Even if you have your default channel settings set differently the program will override these settings.

2.) The description field in export settings does not preserve line breaks. Instead of being able to use a boilerplate description which I can later finetune on Youtube I have to do all the work manually on youtube with ctrl+c and ctrl+v

3.) When, for whatever reason, the export to Youtube fails you have to encode + upload again instead of just having to upload again. This seems like a huge waste of resources.

4.) The effects window state is not saved when a project is saved. When creating a workspace I want a specific panel to be open and scrolled to as it is the one used the most - if the software could do that it would be more pleasant to use.

5.) Modifications to the time line layout are not saved. If I move the bar separating video and audio tracks up and save the project it is still in the middle when I launch the project the next time. This is very annoying in terms of UX.

6) Drag and dropping into the time line should really add clip to resources and place into time line. This would also reduce the steps needed to import a resource. 

7) It would be really awesome if one could just drop a piece of text into the video into a separate and work on it there directly. For simple tasks the composite layer seems really inefficient in terms of workflow.

8) Editing the text in an element is really frustrating (click to select, double-click and the text deselects automatically, no bold font styles etc.) This element could use some love as it feels very clunky to use.

9) There are many instances of elements e.g. fadetocolor where the user has to click 3 times to get to a property (e.g. color change) which would ideally only require him to do one click on the element in the time line and a second click to change the property.


These are my main gripes with the Hitfilm software. As already said I think it's great and believe it can be even better.





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    For the record, some, but not all of these concerns are addressed in HFP 2017.

    Also for the record, HFP 2017 no longer exports directly to YouTube.

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