Tracking only a portion of the Video

This might be a stupid question, but I can't seem to figure it out on my own. When you're using 2D tracking is it possible to only track half the clip. For example if you we're to track a dot that goes out of shot halfway through the video. Would you be able to edit the tracking time so that it's only tracking as long as it needs to instead of spending the rest of the video searching for something that isn't there anymore?


  • Robin
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    If a tracking feature goes off-screen, HitFilm should normally detect that it can't find the feature anymore and stop the tracking automatically. If it jumps to another point instead it's because it can't find the original feature, but found another one that looks similar enough to make HitFilm think the original feature jumped to that point, but you can try to avoid that by adjusting the search area and/or tracking method.
    Also, if you see that HitFilm tracks something it shouldn't be tracking anymore, you can always mannually stop the tracking by clicking the red X on the tracking button.
  • Cool thank you for the help :)