Particle Fire Help

I am just learning particles, because I just recently got Hitfilm 2 Ultimate and I was wondering how to do a flame thrower effect.
Yes I know there is already a dragon's fire preset, but I would like to learn how to manipulate particles and their appearance to make them look like fire.
How do I get a good glow look on the particles, I took the tutorial's opinion (don't remember the exact tutorial, but it was by Hitfilm) and used the glow effect three times, but with different settings and then the color corrector wheel. My colored particles look terrible.
What would I do to make the particles look like fire? Would I have to add a texture to it?
Thanks for dealing with me, forum. And thanks for the help!


  • AxelWilkinson
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    The textures you choose to use will control what the effect looks like, so you will need to start with some decent flame textures.  Get the flames looking how you want, then go on to add the glow and other elements.  Generally for glow, I would handle that outside of the particle effect, using a grade layer or some such.  
    Study the Dragon Fire preset, and look at what settings and methods it uses to create its look.  Try fiddling with the settings further and see how things change, and if you can tailor it to be closer to what you want.

    Alright, I'll attempt it.