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I'm trying to develop a nice simple workflow for getting my footage into Hitfilm on my 2011 iMac. My main camera shoots AVCHD, my second one produces H.264 .mov files. So, either camera's footage requires conversion to the editor-friendly Prores codec.

For my first few projects, after fumbling around in the dark for too long, I started using  my old computer which has an ancient version of Final Cut Pro on it. While FCP 6 works as a converter, the whole process is slow, unwieldy, and just plain silly.

I haven't been able to find a good free converter for my iMac, so I'm looking at the inexpensive ones. After a bit of research, I've downloaded a trial version of EditReady. It seems to do the trick. The interface is simple and  it's fast. But, before I plop down the whopping $50, has anybody here used EditReady? Do any of you swear by any of the other converters?


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    I'm not a fan of Final Cut, but, if you have it and it WORKS, One could still set up Final Cut, say, before bed, and let your files batch overnight and at work/school? I do most batch transcodes through Sony Vegas Pro, because, hey, I've got it and it works, so I follow my own advice here.

    MPEG Streamclip is free, and pretty solid. It's not been updated in a few year, so it's aging, but, especially if you're working in 1080p it's a great option to transcode to ProRes. Just remember that you select QUICKTIME output, then dig into the Quicktime settings to set up ProRes.

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    @mistergarth I've had pretty good luck with Clip Toolz V2.  That is no longer available so you'll have to take a look at Clip Toolz V4 ($20?)

    But lately I've been using GoProStudio which is free.

    This works out well since HF 2017 now supports the GoPro CineForm codec.  No problem converting my 4K GH4 files to CineForm.  Its a little convoluted to use but the price is right.