How to kill Adobe ?! (Ideas suggestions of codecs support)


In first, thank you for this powerful software.

I am aware that developed such software is difficult, long and complicated, and therefore that added the following is not easy but would be useful.
I have just left Adobe for HitFilm, and the following is only a list of personal ideas for "fixed" some "lack" that I have noticed (in comparison to Adobe).

And as I'm going to make a big post, as well do it, and gave you tracks for "kill Adobe" with codec ideas that they do not support them.


 Multi-audio tracks in one file :
Some video file has 2 track (or even 3) audio track for a video, and HitFilm use only the first one.

Animated GIF :
I already saw a post with respect to that, you said to convert them in sequence of image (I prefer to convert them to MP4, the Alpha disappears, but it works), I remind therefore of Adobe support them.
But I'll insist again because GIFs are ultra used, and can be very useful. Her small videos of 1-2 seconds can convey a multitude of thing (small explicative video in French

The AIFF is the "WAV" of Apple. It is little less widespread, but too much for be forgotten.


The following are not supported in Adobe. If you do, "you kill Adobe".

This is a lossless audio format. A FLAC or ALAC files is 30% smaller of a WAV file, but with no loss of audio quality (Note: FLAC is in free license

The MKV is very used container, it's supports very well many codecs, several audio streams and subtitle.

The M4A is NOT a codec, is a container, like the MP4, besides the M4A is an alternative extension to an MP4 file, Apple has created the .m4a (for technical reasons). After, this confusion is legitimate.


Voilà, it's the end of this big list, thank you for having read it.

In any case, I am very satisfied with HitFilml as it is, and I congratulate you for the quality of this software.

Good continuation.