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    Nice work! Most of these shots look really good to my eyes, though there are some things that stick out.

    0:16 - The poles lining the road feel like they're getting more and more out of focus as they get further away from camera (as they should), but then the edge of the mountain behind them and to the left is pretty crisp. In fact, a lot of the small details in that mountain are sticking out clearly, and not being lost to depth of field like they should.

    0:25 - This shot feels like the character is uniformly crisp, and the background is uniformly blurry. It also feels more like a Gaussian blur than a lens blur.

    0:27 - The binocular effect and subtle camera movement works really well! What's not working so well for me is what is being seen through the binoculars. My big question is: where is the light source? While it feels like you're going for a gloomy overcast feeling, there should still be a more clear key light of some kind. The only reason that I know that shape being viewed is a box of some kind is the silhouette. The lighting on the shape doesn't help to define the shape, and the texture feels evenly lit on both sides, making it feel flat.

    0:36 - The blue halo around some parts of the character's hair is really distracting. There are some other keying/matting issues that show up as he crouches down. When he's standing, the light wrap on the character is a little too strong. There's obviously a light hitting him from the front, so the light wrap should be toned down.

    0:48 - This shot works really well for me, but what sticks out are the faceted polygon edges of the "tunnel" shape. Subdivide and smooth the tube shape and re-render it to get rid of that look.

    1:00 - Matting around the left character could be improved. He's got a white-ish halo. While the distortion on the video screen is a good start, the displacement effect pulses on and off at a very regular interval, and feels too slow. This is a common issue that I see in many artists' early attempts at video distortion. Find footage of an actual distorted video signal and notice how rapid and erratic it is. You don't want to go too crazy or you won't be able to follow along with what the on-screen character is saying, but it needs to feel much more chaotic than it does now in order to read as "real".

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    I'm taking a break from editing my short film to make another tutorial.

    It's October and I got motivated to do a sketch where I react to a zombie walking in the street. I've had this idea for some time, but was focused on my other project.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Took a month, but my Zombie Tutorial is now live.

    Thanks to @GrayMotion for the Blender conversion video.