O'Murchadha Pictures' Realm: ZOMBIE TUTORIAL OUT NOW!

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I've been using HitFilm Express for about a year and I'm always discovering new things to do in it. I absolutely love this software and have no regrets about downloading it.

I've been making videos on YouTube for over 3 years and have been trying to get a production studio started (at least in name only) where I can do more professional work alongside vlogs. 

I decided to start with a Production Logo.

I've been a Whovian about as long as I've been a YouTuber and wanted to use the video feedback effect that was used in the Classic Series because of how inexpensive and easy it was to do (to some extent) and have been experimenting with it on and off.

Last week I decided to try using FiLMiC Classic App and mirrored my iPhone to my Apple TV and was really impressed that I got something new.

But yesterday was when I hit the jackpot.

I put the footage from one of the clips into HitFilm, scaled the footage up a bit, shifted the anchor points, then added a Reflection effect, and got this.

I was so amazed by what I got, I decided to add some music and export it as it is.

This hasn't been color enhanced in any way, what you're seeing came from the original footage.