Immediate help please imported video smaller in length then original (Resolved)

Shivam619Shivam619 Website User Posts: 2
edited February 2017 in HitFilm

I am facing a weird issue, when I import 58 min of video that I recorded using a screen recorder it shows only as 37 min inside Hit film 4 express. However if I open the video in VLC it plays for 58 min. Inside HitFilm starting & ending of video is correct. I recently updated to the newer version of Hit film (Latest Update), Is this a bug?? The problem is that I have recorded audio using audacity, now was thinking to unlink original videos audio & link better quality audio I recorded from audacity (58 min). But as the bloody video is of 37 min only I have no idea what to do.  Is this problem related to any setting/limitation/frame rate or something ??


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