Glitches and Dropped Frames

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Overall I've been very pleased with my experience with HitFilm 4 and HitFilm 2017 Pro.  Occasionally there would be a weird rendering error where a few frames would have digital noise and/or weird thin green horizontal bars across the screen, but a hard reboot of my system would take care of this, as I figured my graphics card was just being wonky.


However, as of late, the rendering consistently produces glitches and drops frames where I cannot get any work done.  My system is an i7 with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and 8 GB of GDDR5 VRAM, so it shouldn't be my system that is lacking. 


Here is my most recent render:

The glitches are very prominent in the first six seconds.  Please excuse this rough cut of an unfinished product.  :P  But I need to be able to render correctly before I put in more effort on color grading, camera shake, blur, and keyframing.


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    @OneDayDreamer What is the graphics card that you have? Also, what PSU have you got? These kind of graphical corruption can happen when the power to the graphics card is not stable or when the PSU isn't powerful enough. Have you tried monitoring the temperature of your graphics card?

    Just to be sure, this is the kind of graphical issues you are talking about isn't it?

    Graphical corruption

  • GFX:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

    PSU: RAIDMAX 1000 Watt 80 Plus


    And yes, that is one major glitch right there!  It's usually some sort of variant of the RGB noise mixed with weird horizontal lines.  Haven't tried monitoring the temperature yet, but I do have MSI Afterburner, so next render I will see what I can tell.

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    @OneDayDreamer we do have a GTX 1070 in the office but haven't seen that happening in all of our render tests. Are you seeing this only for that project or have you seen those glitches on other projects as well?

    Also, would you agree to send us your project so that we could try exporting it here in the office? You can send it to us privately via the Support system or PM me.

  • I have seen it happen in at least two other projects.  Things are working well right now, thankfully, but I went ahead and uploaded my project file on a Support System ticket.  It might take a few minutes to load all of the layers.

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