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Curious here.

I'm looking at picking up Mettle's 360 Studio but before I do a question..

Does the 360 function in Hitfilm 2017 preform like Mettle Studio? Can videos be encoded with Youtube's 360 metadata tool?



  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    There's a utility that enables you to add the 360 tag to a video before uploading it.

    I haven't tried doing much with 360 in HitFilm yet other than loading up a 360 video and trying out the 360 viewer, but it worked. As far as I can tell, it's quite similar to Mettle Skybox functionally, but I haven't used Skybox enough to say for sure.

    I'm working with a producer who's planning a 360 video shoot soon; he's working on the script right now. I'm probably going to be doing most of the post work on that, which I plan on attempting in HitFilm 2017.


  • GrayMotion
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    Thanks for the response @WhiteCranePhoto

    I did find the utility via Youtube. Works as advertised.

    Since I didn't realize that Mettle only gave you 3 renders I was unable to figure what i was doing till it was too late. I do like the fact Skybox can take your old 3d projects and convert them to 360. Nice feature for sure.

    Next time you render out a 360 with Hitfilm would you mind sharing it? I'd love to see what HF 2017 is capable of.

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