Shake effect on more layers

i think this my problem has a simple solution, but i'm to blind to find it.
I want to make a spaceship cockpit scene where the cockpit and the actor have to shake a little.
My scene currently has 4 layers.
1. Cockpit foregound as static picture (missing in the attached screenshot)
2. Greenscreened actors movie
3. Cockpit backgroud (with windows) as static picture
4. Moving stars movie
I applied the shake effect to the Cockipt and actors layers (1-3). It looks not bad, but they don't shake "in sync".
I think of something like grouping the layers and apply the effect to the group.
Is there a way to do this in hitfilm ultimate (im' sure it is...)
Thank's in advance


  • Robin
    Robin Posts: 1,669 Enthusiast
    Just create a new grade layer above all other layers and apply the shake effect to that one instead of the others ;)
  • Thank's for the very quick answer, but i think this will affect the starfields layer, right? I want only the starship and the actors getting shaked. Can this be done?
  • Robin
    Robin Posts: 1,669 Enthusiast
    Whoops, obviously rushed over your setup there  :D 
    Well in that case the simplest solution would be to pre-comp the layers that the shake should be added to, and use the method I described inside the new composite shot (or on the new composite shot in the original comp.)