Rotate solved camera, points and footage by 90 degrees?

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I have footage shot at a 90 degree angle. I import it to mocha (for a camera solve) at
1920x1080 with no way to rotate it, but I plow through with my head turned sideways.
Then I bring it into hitfilm. I make room for rotation (for 1080x1920): I put settings for
something like 2000x2000 (composite shot properties and stuff). No problem, but...
I'm trying to figure out how to rotate everything 90 degrees clockwise. I know I can do this
by making a composite shot (selecting all but camera; camera is added automatically,
yes, the solved camera) and then I rotate the embedded composite shot by 90 degrees.
This comp trick results in footage shown correctly, with the points and camera movement.
When I want to change anything, I need to go to the embedded composite shot, which is
showing the footage at 1920x1080. If I want to see what it looks like I have to go back to
the other composite shot (the one showing it at 1080x1920).
I have tried rotating things in many ways, but I can't seem to get it right. I have tried
rotating them individually and also by parenting them to a point (2D nor 3D no worky).
How to work in a single composite shot, instead of in two separate ones?


  • Triem23
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    Rotate the footage, re-render it, then take the rotated copy to mocha and track that. Then you just rotate once.
  • yme
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    Not a bad idea. Uncompressed avi I guess. The original is prores 422 mov. Hopefully it's ok to go with this workflow.
  • Triem23
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    Or stay in the prores? Uncompressed is huge file sizes. Depends on the length of the shot, I guess.
  • yme
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    I don't think I can export prores. I might be mistaken though since I don't know much about these things. I did this: imported the 1920x1080 prores video to HF. Rotated and then exported as png image sequence 1080x1920. Imported that into mocha. Did the camera solve and back to HF. Seems to be working without any loss in image quality (I zoomed in Hitfilm after doing some basic contrast and saturation side by side comparison original mov and e png image sequence).