My Book Trailer using 3d models and Express

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I am new here and new to Hitfilm. I wanted to use 3d models I created in a book trailer, but express doesn't allow the direct import but as you see I was able to get the effect I wanted by flying the camera through still images on a 3d plane.

Phoenix Saga

I hope you like my first Hitfilm product


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    Well its dramatic I'll give you that. Not sure I like the layered text on top of each other, try key framing them so that the one appears as the top one flys through the screen.

    Re 3d models, I am affraid the FREE express version does not support them, this is a pro only feature. See

    That said there is nothing to stop you searching for the kind of models you want online as there are plenty of static and animated models on green screen avalible. Then import them into Express and key out the green and bingo your good to go. Remember once in Hitfilm you can scale, rotate, move and change its colours and even look with layered effects.

    Good luck.

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