Fear The Seance

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all having a good new year with your film projects. Recently I launched an IndieGoGo campaign for my action-thriller feature film "Fear The Seance". It would be much appreciated if you could spend a moment checking out my campaign and sharing it to get the word out. Below I have left a link to my campaign as well as some information about me and a brief synopsis about the film.

Fear The Seance

About Me:

I am a fully self taught filmmaker based in the UK.  I have been making short films since 2011 and over those years I have gained a lot of experience and have developed my own cinematic style. I spend most of my time writing and shooting my own films or playing around with the camera to see what cool effects and shots I can get while also putting different techniques into practice. In terms of a filmmaker I play by no rules but rather experiment and create something unusual.


Junior's parents are selling their old house and they have some willing buyers for the house. The weekend before they sell the house, Juniors parents go on holiday and leave Junior in charge of the house. He decides to invite his friends around and all is good. Until they perform a seance for fun unaware of the consequences...