HELP 60/30 FPS

hi i make videos of gaming footage clips for youtube i rec in 60fps at 720p but my intros for the start of the video has been made in 30fps so what FPS do i make the end result? i messed around with the fps in the project menu but after the video has been rendered 2h + later the audio is about 5 seconds out what is frustrating and has happened about 5 times over the last 8 weeks could someone please help thanks     


  • CowboyBob
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    Sounds like you have a variable frame rate recording. There are several threads on this issue and how to record or transcode your gaming video into constant frame rate footage that should retain audio sync. I unfortunately have limited internet currently or I would search out the links for you.


    Here is a link to tutorials on the gameplay issues.

  • AxelWilkinson
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    You should set up your project to use the frame rate you want to export to. then you can drop footage using different frame rates onto the timeline, and HitFilm will conform it to match. But if you do have any variable frame rate footage, then you will also want to convert it first, as @CowboyBob mentioned.

  • hi yes i have now solved it thankyou for your help, i export my videos at 30fps but the game play is in 60 fps but the intros are in 30fps if i drag the 30fps clips in the time line first then the 60fps it works fine but if drag the 60fps in first thats where i get the sound delay as im trying to export a 30fps clip @ 60 fps causing the video to be 2 times aslong its usual size but not the sounds thankyou!!!