Fun use of free stock footage! Thanks! Magic Art with Penelope Pinesworth

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I had a blast using the free holiday stock footage gift in a new free art class we are experimenting with.  Thanks for the fun sparks, fire and smoke!  We LOVE using them for this art show video.

We'd love feedback on how to improve this art class video.  The biggest issue I've run into is the stock footage is at 30fps and my video shoot is at 50fps and I can't seem to export no matter how hard I try.  I ended up having to just upload to YouTube...that was my only export option that seemed to work.  Any tips on exporting a video with composites, different frame rates, etc?

Also if anyone else is using the fun holiday stock footage please share!  I'd like to see how they are being used.




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    here's the video:

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    Hi :)

    I never had the same issue when mixing iPhone shots at 30fps and my camera's shots at 50i. Maybe because you mixed them in the editor rather than in composite shots (as composite shots have their own frame rate).


    It's a nice tutorial video, and here are some ideas to improve it... first, if you plan to re-shoot, you could try other lighting options, using zones instead of a full white light, in order to simulate a witch workhouse or something darker. You could use an external microphone hung over her head instead of the camera's mic to get a better direct sound.  You could also shoot a clean sequence, without the presenter but with the same camera placement, to make her appear magically at the beginning. The "set matte" effect works great to use a stock footage as a transition mask.


    If you can only work on the existing shots, for the lighting  you can first try different "cine style" settings to give the video a more dramatic look, or try to separate the presenter from the background using an animated mask (easier with the mocha plugin than with hitfilm's masking tool) to set different lighting settings for the background and the foreground. 


    You could make the drawings appear on the paperboard with a quad warp deformation and soft edges to have a smooth blending...


    i'm not found of the particles as they come and go too quickly, but they could be useful if you try the set matte trick (imagine the stock smoke making the witch appear, and additional sparkles enhancing the transition).


    Last thing about the transitions : instead of cross fading between shots and having visible transitions, you could zoom in the picture for a few seconds on each cut to simulate a close up, ang go back to the full frame after this. With a full HD material and a 720p youtube output it should be acceptable, and if this zoom comes below other treatments like a color grading, cine style and details enhancement, the viewers should not notice it...


    Lots of interesting things to do ! Have fun :)

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