Windows 10 USB Mic - Poor Quality

It's a known bug in Win 8 and 10 that USB microphones have VERY low sound volume. 

See full thread at Microsoft forums:

It's a faulty driver apparently, and only Microsoft can fix this but they ignore the issue.

Just wonder what others here use for recording. Do you use analog mic, another OS etc?

I have a relatively expensive mic, Samson C01U Pro. It's USB and I consider installing Win 7 (where it works well) or make a dual boot system with Linux.

As for now I do record in Win 10 with the mic fully boosted to +32 dB and then further noise reduced and boosted in Audacity.  The end sound is not that bad after all but far from what it could and should be. 



  • [Deleted User]
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    I use a mic called Auna 900, USB.

    I dont have this problem in Windows 10.

  • BigDaz
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    I started with a Samson C01u, and then a Blue Yeti Pro. The Yeti has both USB and XLR output. The USB suffered with low volume with mac and pc so I tried using the XLR output via a USB-XLR adaptor instead. It was much better. 

  • Triem23
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    I've used various mic/mixer combinations before, but my current setup is just going straight through my Zoom H5. 

  • Har
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    Not using any actual USB mics here, just the old skool way using analog AKG and CAD mics into tube preamps (my main pre does go into my Win7 computer via S/PDIF digital I/O). For field recording/location sound I do use a Zoom like Triem23 does, though (H1 or H4N).

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    Okay, if I turn off a limiter in a VOIP, people can hear people talk across the street if my window is open. Either my mic is too sensitive, or my particular copy of Windows don't have this bug.

    I guess the difference is that I use a USB mic.

  • SteveKarstensen
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    I have two recording setups; one, a cheap "headphone jack" mic that I've been using for decades  (Literally.  It came with my first PC and I've been using it ever since.), and two: a Shure SM58 into a multitrack digital recorder (the Fosdex Mk II).  The latter I mostly use for music, but I've done voiceover recording on it once or twice.  I still run Windows 7, though, so don't be like me.