i can't activate the software

i downloaded hitfilm express 4 on my windows 10

but everytime i press 'activate & unlock' it just goes away and i've looked it up and saw how it's supposed to make you login etc but i never get there cause as soon as i hit "activate & unlock" the page or whatever you call it just goes away, 

i've also tried to do it via options but the same result :(

can anyone help me please??


  • WennZ
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    I'm too

    Well, I'm having a similar problem, I'm having a lot of difficulties with the new hitfilm express 2017, so I opted for hitfilm 4 express, a slightly older version on it, all my problems were solved. But since I do not have the activation code (serial code) I can not export my projects, and the same happens to you. The problems I'm having with the HFE2017 come from my video card, and I can not afford to pay for another one. I would if possible a serial code for the HF4E program, since it is for free, should not be a problem, am I correct?

    ^^^^Translated By: translate google from PT-BR^^^^^^

    Motivo do problema em PT-BR

    ação para o hitfilm 4 express, por mais que o programa seja de graça, eles te obrigam a usar o mais recente. 
    Se você não pegou a chave de ativação antes do lançamento do hitfilm 2017, você não vai ter a chave de ativação para os programas antes do lançamento do hitfilm 2017