How to post an image/screenshot

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Unfortunately our current Forum software doesn’t support uploading images directly, however you can host an image elsewhere and embed it in your post.

Upload the image somewhere
- If you have Dropbox, follow their instructions to “Create a shared link”:
- If you have Google Drive, follow their instructions to “Share a file or folder publicly”:
- If you have neither, there are various other “free image upload” services available

Embedding images in posts
When you’re writing a post, the button to embed an image is on the right hand side of the editor. It will pop up a little dialog which asks for a “Source” - this is where you put your image’s direct link.

To embed images hosted by Dropbox or Google Drive you have to fiddle a bit - the links they give you won’t work initially. You can skip this step and just post the links if you prefer.

For Google Drive, you can use to get a working link.
For Dropbox, you need to replace “www” with “dl” and remove “?dl=0” from the end.

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