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I've been using HitFilm for about 6 weeks.  I had a lazy day today because of the holidays, so I thought I try my hand at a logo scene.

I learned a lot today, like how to use the different views (top, right, etc), how to move the camera with the pan, dolly, etc controls, and how to use the different lights.

Constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged. 


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    Like it.

    If I had to speculate. Maybe a bit of brief screen shake/vibration when the text lands hard. Or a shockwave displacement effect when the text lands hard. I am just wondering if adding a touch more emphasis to the hard landing could make it even more visceral than it already is.

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    That looks very good, but theres definitely room for improvement - always!  =)

    I suggest changing the speed of the text, so that at the 1.75 or so s mark, the text flies in like a bullet, I think that it would fit a lot better with your music choice. I would also addmotion blur to the text as its flying in.

    Next I would add more smoke or thicker smoke, even when the text is moving at this speed, it just doesnt feel right, maybe a bit brighter smoke as well, more towards the color of the stone.

    I would add a reflection, glow or at least a drop shadow to the text. The material the text is floating above looks highly reflective, if you imagine it infront of you in real life.

    To make your scene come alive, I would create a 3D parallax, fantastic tutorial on how to do so here: 

    And I suppose that sums it all up, my intentions are friendly and I hope that it didnt hit you hard, but rather made you disregard what I said, and started to think outside the box. Youre never really done. My way of criticising is not sugar coated, its one of those "I know you can do better" moments that I suffer from...

    If you feel that my criticism is too negative, then my advice to you is to wait for more replies, more options/alternatives is 100% of the time the way to go!

    Oh and by the way, Happy New Year! =)



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    Thanks for the quick replies!

    The main struggle I've had with this little project is that my laptop (2015 MacBook Pro) can't keep up, so I need to make a proxy every time I change a little thing, like the speed of the incoming text.  I did play with the bezier curves for that. (that was another thing I learned this afternoon)

    I will definitely look at (more) shake on landing, more smoke, and motion blur.  Reflection, that's a great suggestion, and I never would have thought of that.

    Thanks again!

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    I put in the reflection, and more shake.  

    Shockwave Displacement was new to me.  Thanks!  I put that in, and I think it's great!

    The smoke opacity was increased.  It was too low, because of a keyframe mistake I made.  It was always meant to be stronger.

    I plan to do some motion blur, but it's late, so that will have to wait for tomorrow.

    Thanks for the great suggestions!

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    The bigger shake definitely helps a lot. I would also suggest having the title come in faster. I actually preferred the lower opacity smoke (I thought it looked more real). Some of the smoke should be behind the letters as well. That would make it look like it interacts with the letters more realistically. This is definitely a good looking first time project for sure... Keep up the good work!

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    @geekd Ver. 2 looks great!  Keep up the good work.

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