First movie - Thanks Hitfilm!

George147George147 Website User Posts: 7

Thanks, Hitfilm, for your free course which inspired me to turn my grandaughter into a little superhero. I hope our short movie below will inpsire newcomers who think making VFX movies is beyond them. I packed a lot of HF techniques from the HF tutorials into this movie. Learned a lot and will refine everything for future works - better camera (maybe a 700d), better sound (Rode mic Pro) and an upgrade to HF Pro so I can use 3D models and particles. The VFX start about 3 mins into the movie. (my biggest tip is - make sound quality a top priority).    

I used an i5 laptop with 4GB ram which was adequate but slowed down quite a bit with complex composite shots. Can anyone advise me if working with 3D models and particle simulation in HF Pro needs a lot more power and ram?


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