Audio and Video not sync (captures from android-devices)


I have Captured Video with 2 android devices (galaxy tab s2 and galaxy s7), then i have edited in hitfilm. the audio and video of the movie was not sync.

1. How can i fix this?

2. i have heard that the galaxy-devices has variable bitrates. Does a App exist, that i can set the bitrate of the video? Like a Recorder Pro-App?

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  • Triem23
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    To fix variable frame rate issues, you'll have to transcode your footage into a constant frame rate format. Free converters like MPEG Streamclip, Handbrake or VirtualDub (among others) can do this.

    To use Handbrake, follow the two tutorials in this thread. THis first covers basic Handbrake operation, the second has optimized settings for increased performance in Hitfilm.

    I am not aware of any third-party camera apps for Android that force constant frame rate video.