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Hello , my name is ShynxFX and im making Motion Design ! I´m using Hitfilm for 1 and a half year long and i never had a Problem. At Christmas / my Birthday , someone gave me a PC and i want to use Hitfilm on the PC , but there´s a Problem . When i wanna activate the Version of Hitfilm , it say´s that the Name of my PC is using Hitfilm but it´s still in the Demo . When i wanna deactivate it , it´s saying : Restart your Software , but when i do , it´s saying that the Pc is using this but it doesn´t and every Time i wanna use Hitfilm then happens the same thing !


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    It sounds like something isn't syncing properly between your online account and your installation of the software. Please follow these instructions to reset your activation.

    1. In HitFilm, open the Options from the File menu, then select the Activation tab. Deactivate the software, then close HitFilm.
    2. Login to your online account here:
    3. Deactivate any activations of the software listed there.
    4. Restart your computer.
    5. Launch HitFilm and re-activate using your account login info.

    Please contact me if you need any further assistance.

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