Looking at getting a new machine for HitFilm...

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I have been thinking about jumping onboard and getting the Pro version of Hitfilm. However, my laptop is already getting a little old, and I have been thinking about getting a desktop machine at some point to use Hitfilm effectively. I've thought about using an external GPU with it to try to augment it's capabilities, but another part of me is getting sick of having to hobble things together to get a good result. 

Could someone recommend a desktop PC configuration which would run HitFilm well, and be reasonably expandable and upgradable?

Any info you could share would be appreciated,


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    There's a video from Hitfilm here about that: https://youtu.be/zWFGg9R0m64

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    What software was used to create that HitFilm intro in the above video? 100% Hitfilm?

    And he says make sure it has at least 4 cores the CPU, so HitFilm can use all 4 cores?

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    @GeoffDavies  I am not one to know much about specs and high end vs low end stuff, but I do know I built up a system just to have 64 bit capability for Hitfilm Pro 4 and I put an 8 core AMD processor in it with 32 GB RAM and thought all would be good and it did run the program but I found that the $100 video card was bare minimum and I quickly outstripped it's capabilities with effects.  So I bit the bullet and invested in a high end card the Nvidia 1080 6 GB one and it is a whole different experience.  So I would pay particular attention to video cards before all other specs, I think.  I didn't see that much out of 8 cores and all that RAM but I sure did on the video card. 3 - 4 hour renders dropped to a tenth that if I recall correctly.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    Maybe this may help @GeoffDavies

    I have a PC with the following specs:

    Intel i5-6400 (Skylake) 2.70GHz
    8GB RAM
    NVIDIA GTX 960
    Samsung SSD 650 120GB

    And my PC runs HitFilm preview in slow motion, definitely not powerful enough to run it smoothly.  And I am only using Express and have basic videos.

    And to render a video that is not even complex, takes anywhere between 15mins to 50 mins.

    So you would need a lot more powerful specs than mine if you want to use PRO and create intense projects.

    Hope that helps :)

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    That is very good to know - I almost walked out and picked up some RAM and an SSD just to get me on my way!

    I am trying to work out a budget for what I need to put together, and I have been looking at video cards for most of the day. Wow, they get expensive, fast! But, if it can save me a lot of time, it might be worth it. I kinda wish there was an 'amazon affiliate link' for HitFilm approved hardware - I feel like I am drowning in graphs and statistics!

    Thank you for your help - much appreciated!

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