Importing MVI files into hitfilm express

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I recently bought a canon Vixia HF R700 and shot some test footage with it but sadly hit film doesn't support MVI Is there anything i can do


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    I going to guess and say your files are named MVI_XXXX where XXXX is four random-ish numbers? If that's the case then your files are either:

    • Motion Jpeg with PCM audio in an AVI container (SD video only I think) OR
    • h.264 video with AAC or AC3 audio in an MP4 container (HD video)

    There should be a utility that came with the camera called something real imaginative like Transfer or Offload I don't remember which. It doesn't actually transcode anything it just copies the recorded streams over to the right container for the content when you initiate a transfer.

    In theory you should be able to just change/add the right extension and have the files work so you might want to try that first before mucking with the utility. 

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    thank you so much

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