Actual 3D Text

I want to have my title rotate and not be a 2D plane pretending to be a 3D title.

I've seen end-on extruded text in a few of Simon's (Universal logo, and the one with the chained textures), I remember something like it in many tutes, even the Mocha 3D tracking "Utilities" tutorial Axel did not too long ago.

In my mind at this moment I am thinking -- maybe I can do this directly inside Boris CC or NewBlue (I got that pack but TBH not digging it yet, will take time on the interface).

But I've also had BCC Extruded Text crash out with a longer title (Not too long, it was "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND", spoofed with different 1st and 5th words) so I am not sure BCC can handle much complexity unless I tweak some settings (and there's not much left in Settings this version).

Imagine this scene: The word "GARAGE" in extruded block letters...  Camera flies in right and zooms into the right-side/stage left surface at the end of the bottom leg of the "E"...  As you get closer the surface takes on details and bricking lines, a garage door, and -- of course -- the garage door opens, and the character taking us to the next scene drives out.

I need a real 3D object to fly into and then can fade into the "garage door".  But nothing seems to actually have 3 dimensions, except a 3D model.  Do I need to buy a 3D font, or learn how to 3D model the block letters I want?  Hoping I'm able to do this with HF, and I have the NewBlueFX bundle if there's a trick in there.

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  • NormanPCN
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    You can fly the camera around 3D text. For Hitfilm text it needs to be attached to a 3D point. Or just rotate and move the text at the camera. Two sides of the same coin.

    However since the text is pseudo 3D it cannot interact with other 3D objects in 3D. Like have text interact with particles from the particle simulator. The text in Hitfilm, Boris or NewBlue titler pro are all rasterized each frame.

    In Hitfilm, with the Boris text you have reasonable control over texturing which may help do what you want. Boris allows separate textures for front, back, extruded sides and bevel. I question the resolution of a texture to have enough detail to fly in really close without pixelating. There are limits.

    If you want true 3D model text you will have to extrude that in a 3D model problem, like Blender, and export that as an OBJ file for import into Hitfilm.

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    @MrChris just be aware, I do not think Express can import OBJ from Blender :(  You need PRO I think.

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    Express can't import 3d models. It's one of the limitations of it being free. You would either need pro for that or render a video of your model in blender then import the video to hitfilm