Footage is shaky!

When there is movement within my footage the movement is "wavy". It is only like that when I am editing. I shoot in a AVCHD format, but convert to mp4, either way the movement is wavy.
How do I fix this?
It hasn't always been like this, and I don't believe I have changed anything.
Another problem is that I shoot my footage in 60fps, but when I import it into hitfilm it is automatically 29.97. My conversion process is set to keep the resolution and frame rate. It does the same to all other fps's.


  • AxelWilkinson
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    The "waviness you are seeing sounds like you are shooting interlaced instead of progressive.  Shooting interlaced will create 60 fields per second, instead of 30 frames per second.  Each field consists of either the odd or even numbered lines of resolution.  So for each frame, you have one field showing lines 1,3,5,7 etc. of pixels, horizontally, followed by a second field showing lines 2,4,6,8 etc.  Since the two fields are captured at different times, 1/60th of a second apart, during editing the edges of anything moving within the frame will be jagged.  This article discusses interlacing in greater depth:
    Interlacing is a process developed for the very first televisions, because they could process information fast enough to display an entire frame all at once, so the info was split in half by interlacing it.  It provides no benefits, and causes no end of difficulties on modern systems.  I strongly recommend shooting progressive whenever possible.  In your case, of you need to shoot interlaced, then I would recommend that you de-interlace when converting the footage for editing.
    Is there a specific reason you need to shoot at 60 fps?  
  • I heard there was a technique to film at 60fps and then export in 24 to create a smooth looking slow motion.
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    There is, and it's slowing the 60 fps footage down to 40% (0.4) in a 24 fps timeline.
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    Btw, Axel is probably right about your footage being interlaced. Check your camera to see if you are shooting 60i or 60p. If it's 60i, then you're shooting in a format intended for 30fps playback, and interlaced. You CAN convert 60i to 60p, but, because of the interlaced video, converting from 60i to 60p means the transcoder has to interpolate the missing field. Effectively, you will lose half of your vertical resolution. But, once you have your 60p footage in a 24p timeline, slowing it to 0.4/40% will give you perfect, smooth slow-mo.
  • Thanks, it does say 60i, I didn't know the difference. You two have been very helpful thanks!
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    Np. You should be able to use the free encoder "Handbrake" to convert your 60i footage into a 60p footage that Hitfilm will be happy with.
  • Thanks a lot man!
  • The footage is working out great! Thanks so much! So I shouldn't have the problem at 30fps?