can express merge separately recorded audio with video?

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I know that HF2017 does a great job pf merging video and separately recorded audio, but can Express 4 do this as well?

I always record my audio via a shotgun mic plugged into a zoom h1, video recorded on an EOS 6d, so it is an essential part of my editing workflow to easily merge these files.


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    The short answer is yes, but you have to do it manually. I did it that way for months before HFPro2017 came out. I also use a Shotgun Mic with a Zoom H1.

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    The zoom h1 gives pretty good results for it's size, does it not? Assuming a good shotgun mic is used and placed correctly.

    Okay, I was going to get HF4 and some add on packs, but I really would prefer to have auto merge of sound and video (I have lots of takes than need merging) so I will buy HF 2017.

    And also get the Adobe monkey off my back!

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    The Video / Audio synchronization feature in Hitfilm Pro 2017 is well worth it... it is really remarkable how well it works. I found it works best if, when I am shooting, I start the camera first then immediately start the Zoom H1 right after. Hitfilm merges then video and audio footage more easily and correctly if I do it that way. I often will use a lav mic with the Zoom as well, and that also has some excellent results. I think you will really love Hitfilm Pro 2017!

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    I downloaded the demo and immediately tried both the audio merge and the j and l cuts as I often use them in my timelines, so yes, I am already impressed with how quick it accomplished the merge and how accurate it was.

    I tend to run camera first then audio, but not always, so I make sure every scene captured this way has a clapboard clapping, or if I'm pushed for time, just the actor clapping.

    I also place a cheap shot gun mic on top of the camera and run that into the mic socket to boost the in camera audio so the software has more to work with.

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    Quickly being able to employ J and L cuts is another new feature in Pro 2017, and definitely one that is really nice to have! I am with you, I use a lot of them. I am glad to hear you like it so far. Other things I like are the different distortion choices, multiple export options, and the new audio mixer. I haven't played with the new 3D title effects, the new color grading features, or any of the mocha tracking yet. They definitely look nice, though.

    I am still struggling with a couple of things, the most frustrating being adding an asset (like a jpg), putting it in the project, seeing it fine there, but then when I export it is "offline." It seems to only happen to me (no one else has complained about it), so it is obviously something on my computer, but I don't know what it is. I go through the exact same steps using the exact same assets in Hitfilm 4 Pro or Express and it works just fine. It only happens in Pro 2017. My temporary work-around is to bring in all assets that I am planning on working with, putting them all on the timeline, exporting them into a video file, then see what is "offline." Then I pull those assets and tweak them in other software packages (like Photoshop for jpgs) until they show up in the exported file. After I get everything to show up, then I start building my project.

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    I've not done any exports yet as the demo is restricted to 30 seconds, but that said I should try it just in case. I'll put some jpegs on the timeline and see what happens, then get back to you.

    Only jpeg problem I had recently was a photo someone emailed to me that couldn't be seen as a jpeg in windows explorer, but could be seen in PhotoShop. I saved the saved copy again as a jpeg, effectively exporting the jpeg untouched through PS, and it was fine. No idea what was wrong though.

    On the editing side I am more of an editor who needed after effects every now and again for effects or post fixes that Prem pro couldn't handle very well. I do some vfx, text message overlays (house of cards style) and the odd muzzle flash or explosion, but mostly I'm a narrative based editor who will probably use the editor more than the compositor in HF 2017.

    Audio will be interesting. In Premier I had a preset to increase the volume using various compressor settings, I'm wondering how Hf does that. Some reading pf the manual required.


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