Assigning a plane to a point that has been animated changes its position?

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So, I am incorporating some still images into a project and animating them by parenting them to points that I have already keyframed. When I import the images and then parent them, their position parameters get changed to keep the images at position 0,0,0 ( they get filled in with the negatives of the position of their parent). Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a desired property????  It makes it really hard to reuse this composite and just fill in new images. I may have to embed the individual images as composite shots so I don't have to go through adjusting the positions every time I want to reuse this.........


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    Correct. Patented elements do not automatically nam to the point's position (much of the time that would utterly destroy what one is trying to create. The default implementation is desireable). 

    Obviously you can change position/orientation/rotation to 0,0,0 after parenting to align the plane to the point. 

    You are correct in your next assumption. Put each media clip into an embedded composite shot and parent away. Then you can save the project to use as a future template. In that case, you have a couple of choices--first, create a single plane and drop that from the media pool into each media holder clip--the advantage here is your template won't look for existing media, avoiding future slowdown if existing media is moved or deleted--then, on future use of the template, you just drag and drop media into its holder. The other option is build the template with media, then right-click media in the Media pool and select "Relink" to point to the new file. I recommend using the dummy plane. It's a little longer to do the initial setup, but has advantages for reuse. 

    Side note: you can import an entire project into Hitfilm via "Import Composite Shot, which is good to know if you want to integrate the template with another project. 

    If you look on the Hitfilm Preset Marketplace on Inscape Digital . com I uploaded a cheesy 3D slideshow set up as discussed here--ten embedded composite shots to drag and drop media intointo.