Anti Aliasing & Render Time

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I had a question about the AA setting in HF4 Express. I've basically just been leaving it on the default setting of 4x MSAA but I'm looking to cut down on render time. Would lowering the AA setting reduce the render time at all? Would the cut in render time be worth the increased jaggy-ness?

Specs: FX 8350, GTX 980, 16 GB DDR3 RAM.

Let me know if there's any way to tweak the render settings to optimize it a little bit more.


  • NormanPCN
    NormanPCN Posts: 4,081 Enthusiast

    4x is probably the lowest setting you have available.

    Since you are talking Hitfilm Express, you are not doing 3D models, so you are not going to get increased jaggy-ness. AA is really about model geometry edges. That way Hitfilm operates the setting is always there so you really want to use a low setting, with models, to keep the image from being softened by the AA anyway. 4x is usually the lowest setting offered.