News Report Style Spoof Video

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Hello people

I recently made this with my wife with hitfilms and wanted to share with you guys. It was real fun making it and i am beginning to remember my pot noodle eating days back in college haha. Im still yet to show my ugly mug on camera even though my wife deson't seem to have a problem and do real film footage style videos which i know are far much better and appropriate for hit films.

This also gives me the opportunity to thank the guy who made the lower thirds ( ) a big thank you " it saved me alot of time. I have made some lower thirds my self previous and am progressing in making them but the help from others gave my project a speed boost i also used the another source which gave the third a motion of screen movement in its elements.


Hope you enjoy guys and as always. i think Hitfilms rocks and is pretty awesome for guys like my self who haven't been on the pc side of things for many years. I'm really enjoying this program even tho my stuff is a bit naff haha. 

 Oh and yes, i can't count hahah i never realised the mistake until a day later and thought editing it would mess with stats so i left it in. Blooper reel next lol i guess to a a degree you may not get the jokes in the film unless you know the game it refers to which i doubt very much 


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    Nice looks like you had fun making itand some nice use of a UI and agreed one of the best things about Hitfilm is its user friendly .TrialsHD ohh many a nights i spent on that trying to complete extreme courses back in the day , drove me to tears. 



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    Hi man , sorry for the late reply ( seems i say that a lot lol ) busy with all things great and small as they say.

    yeah i like trials , i prefer making tracks. the editor is pretty amazing and yes i too have smashed my hand into my face plenty of times because of the extremes lol. Thanx again for the reply bud and yes it was real fun making it. :)

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