do i need Ignite Pro 2017

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This is probably a stupid question, but do I need Ignite Pro 2017?

I'm planning on migrating from Adobe software to Hitfilm 2017, and when  I do my Adobe software, including AE and PremPro will become in active.

Far as I can see, Ignite pro allows me to use hitfilm effects in other software, but I won't actually be using any other software, so chances are I won't ever use it.

Or am I missing something? Does Ignite combine with hitfilm in a way that I've not realised?


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    Nope, Ignite doesn't offer everything HitFilm 2017 offers, and like you said it's ment to add HitFilm functionality to different software. =)


  • LarryPlaneLarryPlane Website User Posts: 70

    Okay, so I have understood it correctly, but for some reason I can't find an option to buy HitFilm without Ignite. Is there an option in the buy box that I'm missing?

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    Honesty, Ignite as a stand-alone is $200. Hitfilm Pro is $350. With things like Mocha and Boris and codec licenses, I can tell you FxHome pays out more than $150 in licensing fees on Pro.

    You're getting Ignite for free.

    Don't worry about it. It's something you can choose not to install, but it's not something you'd "save a few bucks" not getting. 

  • LarryPlaneLarryPlane Website User Posts: 70

    Okay, understood. Just was slightly confused at the pricing and bundles.

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