Effect: How to make TEXT GLISTEN like it's hit by moving light?


I saw this tutorial of a Glistening Gold Text Effect, which matches my branding since I have gold letters too. Looked like it could be easily recreated in Hitfilm because of the SET MATTE effect.

I created a bright yellow rectangle over my text and wanted to clip it onto the text via Set Matte. Does it only work if the png mask is black or white, 'cause mine is gold - so midtone?

First of all it doesn't clip it onto my letters, and than I have bright yellow letters (the highlight), which is supposed to be revealed by the feathered out moving rectangular mask, and I get the black rectangle around the text because the layer is set to Overlay.

..Also wish that Overlay worked like in Photoshop and not made certain things dark instead of white, but that's another story :)


Is there another way around it?


  • JasminaAquarellina
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    The only thing that half works is setting the blend mode of Set Matte to Replace instead of Add, but that makes the letters all smudged horizontally - no motion blur was applied.

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    I just did a little experiment. Since we are just working with flat text it's  going to be hard to get diffuse and illumination to SHINE like in say Motion 5 or another motion gfx editor made for this kinda stuff.

     I added Parallx effect to the text and used a gold foil texture. Set the Height Map depth real low...3 maybe. Under materials I dropped ambient to 0 and fooled with diffuse and specular.

    Then I added a Glow - fooled with intensity, threshold and radius. Under advanced I selected "Use A and B colors". Set A and B colors to yellow and burnt yellow.

    Then I added 2 spot lights and set them to light and darker yellows.

    Does not look fancy snappy like Motion text or 3D text but it did make the bland yellow more "shinny". I imagine a few well placed flares would even add more shine to it.

  • JasminaAquarellina
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    I will try that, but I have also figured out a way.

    1. place the main text which is to be illuminated

    2.duplicate that layer, rename to "highlight" and set it's brightness/ contrast to a desired level, than place it above the main layer 

    3. mask the "highlight" layer with a moving, feathered out, parallelogram mask that goes from one side to another

    Although this is simple to achieve, I don't know how it works with bigger titles. I used it on a smaller thinner font and it looks ok. Usually when you duplicate a font layer it shows thicker.

    Anyway here is what I achieved...the bottom gold text and social media icons glisten at 2.21 on my endslate


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