My first short completely created using Hitfilm

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screen grab

Hy! this is my first short entirely produced in Hitfilm (I bought it a couple of weeks ago part of my RD attempt to let go Adobe in 6 months optimizing workflow in the process) so some experimentation is still going on here! obviously Star Wars themed!

I am Swiss inhabitant and Italian speaker so I am sorry if my English sometimes is weird!


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    Very good work! Great compositing of the Droid in the kitchen, and very funny jokes! 

    Two criticisms:

    At 1:10 there should be some spill light on the table and cake from the flames. On an adjustment layer between the fire and camera grade add a feathered mask where light would be and try using something like brightness/contrast to bring up levels. Add a flicker effect. Perhaps a glow on the fire layers would help as well.

    Second, the shot of the egg from 2:00 to 2:15 is too long. Five to seven seconds is probably enough. 

    These are minor tweaks to what is already an excellent short. :-) 


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    Warning, opinions ahead. Take a deep breath and realise it's a lot easier for me to make comments than it was for you to put in all the hard work you did to produce the short. :)

    I liked it a lot as being well produced and put together, but I think it could have played at about 1.5x-2x speed and been even better.

    Everything was a little too long, and the droid waving his arms around is no real substitute for having a mouth, or even a flashing light where his mouth might be.

    The monologue could have been much shorter (and the speech played at a faster rate) and still set up the jokes just as well. Not sure it needed the last half about the traitors, unity, citizens etc. unless it was intended to be an obvious parody of one of the more passive aggressive Public Information Films.

    It also introduced Jenna and Brad as two force users  who "think there is no risk in using the force for everyday tasks". But we don't see them doing that.

    Uncle Pesbek is the one using it for everything. After the first example the droid says "...dangerous for both the wielder and the people around them". Why? All there is is a badly cut cake. No one lost an arm. Even the plate is still intact. Having that fall in half as well, or a gash in the table top would have sold it more. More of a "large sledgehammer to crack a small walnut" style, than the "quite small hammer trying to crack a large walnut" style?

    As already mentioned, the egg could be shown for a lot less time, or do something funny, like spin wildly and jump around the plate before flying off out of control.

    It also wasn't really a "danger" using the force to grab the egg. It broke. More practice in catching would seem to be required, not less. The "mannequin challenge" freeze and pull back was also a bit long and with no real payoff. It could have cut to a frozen Uncle P's shocked face.

    The final monologue about reporting similar occurrences didn't seem to completely apply. Uncle P is not going to report himself for failing to catch an egg and there were no witnesses (apart from the camera). The cake cutting could have gone better, but was hardly a disaster, and the only time Uncle P abused the Force was denying Brad the last slice of pizza.

    Would Brad even be aware that he'd been manipulated? I thought "These are not the droids you are looking for" worked permanently? Did the soldiers later go "****, they were the droids we were looking for!"?

    I might be (probably am) missing the point, in that the speed and style is meant to look awkward and stilted in the style of some of the older "information films", but in that case...perhaps it wasn't awkward and stilted enough? :)

    As the Text-To-Speech got some of the intonation wrong and was quite hard to follow at times, perhaps adding subtitles would also help?

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    Wow good job, nice little scetch with some little chuckles. I like the look of the video it feels right. Yes there are some timing improvements and I am sure you made several goes at getting it right, very hard to self judge your own work. The only bit that didn't really sell the risk of the force for me was the egg. I would of gone with flying off hitting the Jenna square in the face, we see the egg fly and then cut to egg covered Jenna looking cross, now thats a reason to be cross with the Force user. You could still do a free frame on her angry look. Anyway, I loved it, well done, and your English is very good, you nailed that info broadcast tone.

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    Reminiscent of the propaganda films from WWII that I've seen. The robot's waving appendages at the beginning was a bit redundant and, for me, boring. Otherwise, well done.

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    First of all thank you everyone for the time spent answering! And for doing so with such intelligence! I am impressed as usually I don't experience productive criticism!

    I was indeed inspired by 50's educational propaganda in this one,  and inherited the slow pace, aniway I acknowledge that I need to better manage speed, in Europe we are used to slower storytelling but even so I am convinced that faster is better so I will work on it for the next project.

    I really wanted to have some close shots of the robot but the model was really a rough one so to maintain realism I had no choice.

    After a couple of weeks exploring the software my goal with this was to test a 100% workflow in hitfilm and work between his limits. Animation is one of the the highest limitations. I used points to handle articulations. I tried to exasperate  the movements I was able to do to bring life in the machine ;-) I admit this is kind of annoying now.

    I created light interactions in the kitchen for the laser scene but as all the effects and compositing was done before color correction to try maximize the integration, I think I was a little soft with the light reflections and they were lost in the grading and image deterioration I applyed after on the video

    The main frustration has been the retouching of the models as the robot was messy to work with, i would really like to have more colors articulations and effects on it! I am curious what can be used to do basic interventions in 3D objects? maybe an alternative to the ultra convoluted blender would be nice! 

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    It's very realistic. As to the technical stuff, that's way beyond my small brain's comprehension. Good stuff.

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    Thanks man! :-)

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