When is HitFilm being sold?

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When is HitFilm being sold to some other company?  And any leaning as of yet who HitFilm will be sold to?


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    I'll buy it, but only if it comes with all the current staff and existing forum moderators. Otherwise it has no future value.

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    Why assume Hitfilm is being sold? I think FxHome and it's product lines are a true passion for @JoshDaviesCEO and his crew and that Josh is keeping his company in his (grubby little) hands for years to come!

    @Farscape you'll be glad to know Moderators are volunteers and wouldn't be factored into a sale price. ;-) 

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    @Farscape Its not the moderators (most major contributors are not moderators) but rather it is the community itself that creates the value. 

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    I really question if selling Hitfilm would be a positive. I've seen it before either directly with products we developed and licensed to another company or a customer of ours. The former in Electrical engineering software and the later in software development tools software.

    What FxHome would want is a cash influx to speed development of new features and performance. Speed up growth. To a large extent they are likely frustrated by what they want to do and what they can do with existing cash flow.

    External people (venture capital (aka vulture capital)) only put cash in with the expectation of getting much more cash out. They often bleed cash flow companies dry. So what is the cashflow of Hitfilm. Express users, what have you paid.

    Too fast of growth has literally killed so many companies that it boggles the mind. Foregowing growth rate by not taking on "excess" debt, even if your cash flow is high, is often a better long term path.


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    Well if the Engadget interview  is accurate then I don't see HitFilm being sold anytime soon......

    "FXHome has been the subject of more than a few buyout attempts from several of the world's biggest technology companies. Aside from providing software tools and plugins for Sony's own VFX products, the outfit has resisted all attempts to become part of a larger corporate machine. Many of the would-be suitors failed to appreciate Davies' feelings about creating a mass-market, low-cost product that, effectively, services his own inner child. He explains that as much as he could compromise his product in an attempt to extract every penny from wannabe filmmakers, he doesn't wantto. The idea of FXHome turning into a corporate machine and HitFilm into a haven for microtransactions seems to fill him with dread. "Imagine if your sales team becomes your biggest team!" He pauses for another moment: "Sounds awful."


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    I hope Corel never gets its hands on FxHome and/or Hitfilm.  They are a prime example for my money on what a huge corporation can do to destroy a product.  Take Pinnacle Studio editing/disc creation software.  I was a loyal user from version 10 to 19 but once Corel took over it began a slide downhill in quality and tech support. Not like the great support environment here.  I will never "upgrade" it again.  If it gets to where I can't use it to compile discs then I'll find something else to do it...as far as editing I'll stick with the versatility I have found with Hitfilm.  I love Hitfilm for its non-corporate decision making. 

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    Never! Or as close to that as you can get.

    Josh's comments in the Engadget article are as true today as they were 7 months back. For all of us here, HitFilm, and the community, are very important. It's a passion, and for Josh it's also the realisation of a lifetime ambition I think - where we are now is something he and many of the others have been working towards for a long time.. and of course, this is only the beginning.

  • IamJoshuaDaviesIamJoshuaDavies Staff Administrator Posts: 357 Staff

     @DanielGWood just said it better than I ever could!

  • RogyrueRogyrue Website User Posts: 170 Just Starting Out

    Great to hear the commitment of the staff , you should all be proud of what you have a achieved with hitfilm  :) 

  • YeremyahYeremyah Website User Posts: 1,000 Enthusiast

    But everyone has their price.  If some big player makes you an high money offer you cannot refuse, you would accept to sell HitFilm?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,234 Ambassador

    @Yeremyah I'm thinking there probably isn't a selling price Josh would take. As noted in the Engadget interview linked and quoted above, buyouts have already been offered and refused.

    I'll say from experience not everyone has a price. Personally, I'd be a lot richer if I didn't honor my own work ethics and code of honor. I'm a non-union freelancer video guy because when I'm on-set, I'm there to work and get things done. On a recent job on video crew we'd completed our setup, at which point I helped audio and lighting. Not my crew, not my job, but audio's assistant engineer was late. Rather than make audio sit around for an hour, I helped him finish his setup so he could take lunch. Lighting board op got sent to go pick up a replacement lamp, so I jumped on and brought up instruments while the gaffer focused them, so he didn't have to get off his ladder, run back to the control room, change board settings and run back to his ladder. 

    If I were union, my doing this would have gotten me, audio abd lighting fired.

    I'd make double to triple my day rate if I were union (depending on the overtime), but I'd be miserable sitting on my hands not helping other crews if needed. The joy of being helpful (and my 44 minutes of assistance literally saved four or five man-hours that would have been wasted between audio and lights) outweighs the additional pay of union work. And, after the fire marshal decided video needed to fly all our cable instead of ground runs.... Well, we didn't have enough cable to run headsets on the new run. Audio lent us XLR and lighting lent us DMX (basically XLR), which got us what was needed for headsets.

    Anyways the point of that digression is that I think Josh and his team have a similar attitude towards VFX software. They're genuinely more interested in helping young and indy filmmakers with a great product like Hitfilm Express than in trying to sell a great product like Hitfilm Pro. Economic realities require sales to generate income so everyone can make a living while developing the product (and pay licensing fees to other companies), but, otherwise, it's not about the money for these guys. I'll even point out Express add-ons like Mocha, Boris and the Premium Codecs. Given that the cost of Boris 3D Objects  for Hitfilm Express is hundreds of dollars less than any other platform, FxHome isn't making a single dime off that add-on. Same with Mocha and the codecs. In fact, rolling over Mocha and the codecs for HF3E users upgrading to HF4E probably cost FxHome money. FxHome probably paid for everyone's upgrade! 

  • DanielGWoodDanielGWood Moderator Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,021 Just Starting Out

    @Yeremyah reminds me of

    Seriously though, as we've explained above, it isn't happening, and it's very unlikely it ever would. In the words of the well-known philosophers S Club 7, no one knows just what the future holds... but on this we can be fairly certain :)

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     Hey guys, happy to announce CNK will be taking over HitFilm, effective immediatly.

    Thank you all for playing.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 18,234 Ambassador

    @DanielGWood if ever offered a billion, ok, take it. An even split between staff leaves everyone with tens of millions of dollars (pounds, deutchmarks, euros, whatever)... 

    And, secure in personal wealth forever y'all can make new, free software for the masses! ;-) 

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    @DanielGWood lol ;)

    It will come down to profit before passion or passion before profit, if you ever accept a large offer or decline it.

    I will be happy if it stays in your hands as long as possible, before greed, money and profit starts tickling you.

    And @Triem23 thank you for your reply.

    All the best.

  • LarryPlaneLarryPlane Website User Posts: 70

    I've been involved with video editing since the mid 1990's (yes I am old), and I've seen buyouts of various video editing companies by big sharks, and nearly always it's resulted in the strip mining of intellectual property by the shark, and then the small fish goes belly up and dies.

    Hands up anyone remember a cool editing program called Pinnacle Liquid (formally Fast Studio). This was bought by Avid, it became Avid Liquid 7, then Avid stripped put all the bits they liked and placed them with Media Studio (eye wateringly expensive NLE), and allowed Liquid to starve to death before shutting it down.

    It's always tempting to get into bed with the big names, but they rarely place nice and the end result, is maker domination of the big name and extinction of smaller brands.

    I've just jumped ship from Adobe, not because HitFilm is a superior editor (it isn't, at least not yet), but because I got fed up with the poor level of customer support, the endless bugs being rolled out as 'enhancements' and the added insult of having to pay a very high monthly fee for access to the whole stable of Adobe programs, 50% of which I will never use!

    HitFilm offers a one off purchase price, a vibrant user community, rapid tech support and some really cool features that Adobe can't or don't want to match.

    So please; never sell. Independence costs when it comes to development delays, but it really is better to stay with the devil you know! Freedom.

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    Totally agree with @LarryPlane on what happens to developments purchased by outside interests.  As to Adobe, don't get me started on that ugliness.  While I still use the suite I own and have installed on one of my graphic machines, they refuse to honor my multi-user (multi-machine, actually) license for me to install on my newest one. And I paid nose-bleed prices for local installation, not running their stupid online access version and their "cloud'.  My intellectual property is not going to be stored on anyone else's machines, not ever. And I don't work online. As to their attitudes? Arrogance beyond all scope.

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