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So on my channel I make CS:GO funny moments vids. This is the first time using Hit Film 4 Express to edit them, tell me what you think.


*The video does contain swearing


  • SteveKarstensenSteveKarstensen Website User Posts: 336
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    Without watching the video and just looking at the thumbnail, I can already suggest an improvement.

    Use text colors that contrast with the background and add a stroke to the text to further separate it from the rest of the action.  The blue "Does he drink it?" doesn't stand out very well against the light background, obscuring the "Does", and ditto for the last half of "Playing with a crazy (whatever that last word is)" - it blends right in with the dark colors on the gun and makes it impossible to read.

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    This is a rather old topic for discussion, but I would like to give my opinion on this. The sheer amount of time and effort you spend creating videos and other interesting cs-related content is useless! I think this is an abandoned game that Valve forgot about and you should think about whether you need to spend so much time and effort. In my last cs game, I met 5 cheaters out of 10 players. I was offended by losing a game like this, and I'm especially annoyed that the Valve community is so passive about it! I left cs a year ago and luckily found a service where I could sell <suspicious link removed by Moderator > and withdraw all the money spent!

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    @bablos As this is your first post resurrecting an almost 4 year old thread and posting an unusual link. All classic bot behavior. You can respond to this message in a timely manner and convince me this is not the case, otherwise I will be forced to ban the account.

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